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Catch22 include welcome Referrals from the Local Authority in either Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, Wiltshire Council or Special Educational Needs Teams. We also take referrals from Social Services or from individual Schools and Academies within the surrounding areas.

Referrals are accepted for Block Contract/Spot Purchase Places from the Bristol Local Authority BIP Panel or on an individualised placement which is tailored to suit the individual’s needs.

Continuity of Education is important for every Young Person here at Catch22 include, we ensure Inclusion and Engagement within our Schools for our Young People.

Our turnaround time from a starting from a Referral to Catch22 include is five days. Due to the flexible nature of our Services, individual Learners can be integrated into a school at any point during the Academic Year.

Processes are simple, effective and designed to meet the individual needs of our Learners to ensure the confidence of Commissioners in meeting contractual requirements for our Learners. Should you have a student you would like to refer please speak to either a member of the Admin Team or SENCO Team for more Details.



SENCO Contact Details

Lead SENCO: Vicky Person

Telephone: 07825536779
T: 0117 967 46 40



Aspiring SENCO's

Staff Name: Charlotte Bird

M: 07825615581
T: 0117 967 46 40


Staff Name: Imogen Hopkins (Currently on Maternity Leave)

M: 07825615581
T: 0117 967 46 40



Postal Address

Catch22 include
FAO - Vicky Person or Charlotte Bird
54 Moravian Road,



BS15 8ND




Read about the referral process for include schools.