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Welcome to Include Bristol.


Catch22 include Bristol is an Ofsted Registered Independent School. It provides Full-Time, Alternative, Secondary Education for Young People who have been Excluded from their previous School or Pupil Referral Unit.


We aim to ensure that Local Young People are included in Mainstream Education, Training, Apprenticeships or Employment so they can participate as full members of their Communities.


The School has 120 places for Key Stage 3&4 Learners aged 14 to 16-years-old, across our Five Sites in Bristol, as well as our Three additional Provisions within the B&NEs and Wiltshire area. The team also provide an Outreach Programme.





Nearly half of the current learners have a statement of special educational needs relating to their social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH).




We offer a range of programmes for individuals with different needs:


  • Main Sites
    Academic, Social and Cognitive Education for Young People who work well in more intimate and nurturing group environment with Friends and Peers.
  • Outreach
    One-to-one support and education for young people in local facilities such as public libraries, Hubs around Bristol and onsite for students who can’t maintain their behaviour in a group. Learners are supported to progress to group sessions on Main Sites when they are ready.
  • Complex Needs
    One-to-one or two-to-one Support and Education for Young People with Educational and Health Care Plans on a individualised package tailored to suit the Learners needs in terms of Education, Emotional Wellbeing and Vocation.


Learners are also given guidance regarding online child safety and exploitation. Read the latest information from CEOP about keeping children safe online or to report any concerns regarding online safety.

If you would like to find out more information about our B&NES and Wiltshire Provisions please see their websites below.

Catch22 include - Redfield Road
Curriculum Learning Lead: Martin Keithley
T: 0176 141 64 06
Advocate: Jill Herrington
M: 07990 533 941
T: 0176 141 64 06

Catch22 include - Chippenham                                                              Catch22 include - Trowbridge                     
Curriculum Learning Lead: Aaron Walsh                                               Curriculum Learning Lead: David Firmin
M: 07825 348 023                                                                                      M: 07831 711 433
Advocate: Hayley Pates                                                                           Advocate: Anne James
M: 07738 994 315                                                                                      M: 07825 536 825